Gadriel (often called Vabrea) is the main world on the plane of Galista and means "the light of knowledge" in Elvish. Created by the Vebreeans after their ascension to godhood.


  • Eminlora [Prounication: Emin-lorh-raa] – Huge; comprised of 4 main nations; 
    • Temperate climate
  • Chakosa (Huge; jungle, desert, mountains)
    • Temperate climate leading to tropical jungles
    • Original home of Val'davesk
  • Drusku
    • Tropicla climate
  • Ohmaru
  • Teiroset


[Prounication: Emin-lorh-raa] This continent is broken up in to 4 main nations.

  • City states of Drakomar: [Dragon god]
  • Yeth-sota – the barbarian hordes

Locations, Sites and Notable areas

Name Location Notes
The mycelium fields Eminlora (Gadriel)
Dread wastes of Valis Eminlora (Gadriel)
Forest of Arcadia Eminlora (Gadriel)
Mountains of Drakosa Eminlora (Gadriel)
Shadowfang Forest Eminlora (Gadriel)


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