An almost infinite amount of planes make up the multiverse in which Gadriel resides. Listed bellow are a select few, visit the planes page for a full list and more details.

Name Qualities Base alignment Description
Galistra None None Created by the Vebreans
Elysium Chaotic Good
Elemental planes Varied
Astral Sea None
Hróvaelen None The dark star and original home to the Calaion Elves.


Name Plane Description
Gadriel Galistra The main world located within the plane of Galistra. 4 moons orbit (see Moons of gadriel) Gadriel.
Ioria Hróvaelen A once vibrant world reduced to a vast desert


Name World Continent Notes
The theocracy of Valdramier Gadriel (Galistra) Eminlore Formed by paladin kings after the crusade of Valdavesk
Republic of Thalatgar Gadriel (Galistra) Eminlore Dragons and Dragonkin
Yeth-Sota Gadriel (Galistra) Eminlore Human/Tiefling
Merchants of Vosshhrul  Gadriel (Galistra) Eminlore Humans
Telandir Gadriel (Galistra) Eminlore Elves
Calaion (Descendants of light) Gadriel (Galistra) Eminlore Elves
Balandur Gadriel (Galistra) Eminlore Dwarves


The pantheon is split into 4 main groups, primordial gods, planar gods, the gods of Galistra and entities beyond the veil of eternity (See Gods and planar powers).

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