Issah ibn Amun grew up not knowing even the most basic comforts. What he remembers of his life before the streets is an ever fading blur that he himself often disputes as just fever dreams and figments of his imagination, conjured by a subconscious curiosity of what came before.


"The only truth is that there is no truth. The only rules are those that you wish yourself to be defined by." - Samir Hamza al-Hadid, Grand Master of the Seekers of Amun

Before Grand Master Samir took Issah from the streets of XXX, the young boy spent his days stealing from the market stalls to feed and clothe himself, as well as a number of other orphans who followed him.

The young orphan learned the way of the shadows through trial and error, which often led him to be beaten unconscious by the city guard and merchants and left in the gutter.

Fed up of this, Issah decided that he had to learn how to protect himself,and as the leader of quite an sizeable band he needed a weapon that would suit his position. And since buying such an exquisite piece of equipment was out of question, he set out scouting for a suitable target.



Issah stands at 5'8", dark sun kissed skinned with a lean athletic body and handsome looks, sharp angular features combined with a large scar running from just under his amber eyes to jaw do not detract from his charismatic appeal.


Boisterous and flamboyant. A disciplined facade which sometimes slips revealing his carefree nature. Extremely friendly and charismatic. His charm often sways peoples opinions.


Born in 1254 DR

Lives on the street for several years

Taken in by Grand Master Samir

Completed his training

Achieved the rank of Acolyte within the order for successfully taking down a heretical cult and retrieving a holy text that was stolen by them.

XX.XX.XXXX set off on his current mission

XX.XX.XXXX followed a lead on Omar Zul that led him to the underdark

XX.XX.XXXX arrived in the city of XXXX

13th Marzel 1278 DR - Issah follows a lead that Omar Zul travelled along the trade tunnels linking Xundarim with Barphis.


Father and Mother died when he was very young, remembers neither their names nor their faces.


Within the Order

Outside of the Order

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