Vir Oxalia was born in 1047 DR in the city of Crystal Grave (within the nation of Valdramier), he is 250 years old as of 1297 DR. No one knows the true source of his long life, most assume his vast wealth has allowed him to procure a method to extend his natural life.


  • Narsacistic
  • Inflated self importance
  • Ignorant, pompous, bullying
  • Voice: Loud, pompous, condescending (almost like a more stuck up bazel faulty)


Name Relations Notes
Nalia Oxalia Daugther Lives in Crystal Grave
Romar Oxalia Wife Deceased (1095 DR)
Mylaerla Oxalia Wife Mother of Nalia Oxalia
Marsela Olorie Daugther Took husbands name

Known businesses

  • Vir’s Homestead Emporium - general supply stores throughout Eminlore.
  • Fleet of the iron Ox - fleet of merchant vessels which operate from Kultamrish throughout Gadriel


  • 1047 DR Vir Oxalia was born in Crystal Grave
  • 1066 DR Moved to White Hollow
  • 1067 DR set up Vir's Homestead Emporium
  • 1075 DR Set up The "Fleet of the Iron Ox"
  • 1080 DR Moved to Kultamrish
  • 1137 DR Vir Oxalia is gravely ill, clerics of Kyzulda say that he will die within the week
    • Vir Oxalia makes a miraculous recovery, much to the surprise of his attending clerics
  • 1138 DR Vir leaves Kultamrish, all his business are left in the hands of his trusted advisers
  • 1162 DR Vir returns to Kultamrish after a prolonged absence, his health and appearance would seem to put him in his mid fifties
  • 1225 DR Duringribena rejects Vir's attempt to buy into his mining operations
  • 1277 DR convinces Duringribena (owner of the largest previous metal fines on Eminlora) to meet him in Kultamrish about the new Sapphire mines close to Crystal Grave. Duringribena  agrees to meet him the following year
  • 1278 DR Petitions the rulers of Kultamrish to sign a trade agreement with the nation of Yzena
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